Chandler Moree [Co-Captain]

Chandler is Co-Captain of the GearHeads and a high school senior at Huntington High School, Chandler Moree is joining the team this year after a being on the team for a brief period last year. He left for personal reasons and has back with the desire to compete to win. Chandler is a Minecraft – savant. In doing so he has learned how to code JSON in order to make in-game machines work. He has experience in graphic design, is an adept videographer, and is a professional sound technician. Chandler also enjoys dividing his time between One Act Play, National Honors Society, his youth group, and helping out the community. He is currently organizing a Thanksgiving meal for those in need within his community. After high school he hopes to go on to college and get a degree in Computer Engineering/Computer Science so that he might be able to design new technologies that will shape our future.

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